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p2p radio
Current version 2.0 (26 Sep 12)
Status:  netstatus 38 stations, 13 listeners 
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New Beta 3.02, for Windoze and Android, see Downloads

Streamerp2p enables anyone to webcast without needing to pay for servers or hosting. It works from your home pc, even on dial-up for some streams. There is no maximum limit to listeners, like with like shoutcast or other unicasting. It is completely free to use for both personal and commercial users. Small install (12M with the LibVlc video library)
  • Listen to things the mainstream doesn't play.
  • Be a bedroom DJ.
  • Promote your band or label's music.
  • Do chat shows, using skype to conference your presenters.
  • Promote your favourite diety.
  • Use it as an overflow for your when your shoutcast stream is full.
Join the webcasting revolution.
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Rank Station Name | Now Playing | Station Info Listeners | AQH Bitrate Type
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1  station banner
version2 icon RV7 MIX - THE RADIO 100% DJ MIX (IN THE MIX)
DanceElectro, DiscoFunk, HouseTechno, Deep houseSession Mix
streamer icon unicast icon
2 | 0
132 mp3
2   version2 icon Kyak Radio
The Skatalites - Malcolm X

Reggae Roots
streamer icon 
2 | 0
133 mp3
3   version2 icon Radio Nord Revival LG
A tribute to the off-shore radiostation Radio Nord from 1961
streamer icon 
2 | 0
28 ogg
4  station banner
version2 icon SOUND ONE @ A=432Hz Freedom Radio
Peter Gabriel - More Than This

Rock, Soul, World, Trance, Ambient - Shine!
streamer icon 
1 | 0.92
199 mp3
5  station banner
version2 icon RV7 - RADIO VOLUME 7 (URBAN GOSPEL)
streamer icon unicast icon
1 | 0
100 mp3
6  station banner
version2 icon RV7 B.RESHYIT (GOSPEL YUDA)
streamer icon unicast icon
1 | 0
100 mp3
7   version2 icon Radio Seagull
Because there is more to music than hits alone
streamer icon 
1 | 0
133 mp3
8   version2 icon DAVES SHACK RADIO
Ozzy Osbourne - Dreamer

playing the best music of a generation
streamer icon 
1 | 0
78 ogg
9   version2 icon Rocket 98 Streamcasting
Rocket 98 has is back with a new automation system SAMDJ it is
streamer icon unicast icon
1 | 0
102 ogg
10   version2 icon Radio Nord Revival hp
Remembering the Off-shore radiostation Radio Nord from 1961-62.
streamer icon 
1 | 0
53 ogg
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Column Descriptions:

Rank: This is the overall station ranking derived from the # of listeners now, then their AQH value.
Play: These button(s) will initiate station playback. If the station has included a banner graphic, it is displayed in this column.
Station Name: The name of the station and also if programmed by the broadcaster, a link to their station website.
Now Playing: The name of the currently playing song on the station if provided.
Station Info: The broadcasters description of the station.
Listeners: The number of current listeners to the station.
AQH: The average number of listeners during the last 24 hours sampled at quarter-hour points and a link to a 24 hour graph of listeners to that station.
Bitrate: The bitrate in kbps of the stations stream.
Type: The type of encoding that the station uses for their stream.

Streamerp2p.com and any person affiliated with Streamerp2p.com is in no way responsible for, nor can be held liable for the content included in any of the streams that are available here. Streamerp2p.com does not provide the content of any stream here. They are all the sole responsibility of the individual originating the stream. Broadcasters should check into local legal requirements and/or royalty fees involved in their content before launching a stream. More info on licensing and royalties can be found HERE. Any problems with the content of a given stream should be directed to the caster of that stream. Thank you.
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"And the meek shall inherit the Earth" (Rush/2112)

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