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Current version 2.0 (26 Sep 12)
Status:  netstatus 5 stations, 2 listeners 


The simplest way to broadcast is to play some audio files in Winamp, and use a 'dsp plugin' to make the broadcast data stream and feed it into streamer. This is the method that's often used by small net stations.

There are way too many combinations of dsp encoders and ways to set them up for us to list them all here.  However, here's one example setup using Oddsock's Oddcast V2 and Streamer that will create about a 50K Ogg Vorbis stream that sounds quite good.

Download and install the DSP.  This DSP plugin is actually a small program that runs within Winamp.
Now run Winamp and goto it's preferences menu (press ctrl-p).
Select DSP/Effect on the left, and oddcast DSP on the right.
(There may be other plugins in the list in addition to the streaming ones.)

A new window should appear, and you can then close this preferenced window.

You should see a window like this appear. Click config to show it's config window.
This is the oddcast config window.
In this General tab, set the sample rate to 44100, channels to 2, and the encoder type to OGG.  None of the other settings matter with this setup and can be left as they are found.  Then click the Encode tab and select the OggVorbis tab under it.
Once here, set the Encoding Type to Quality and then enter -1 into the Quality Level field.  This quality level will affect the bitrate of your stream and a quality level of -1 and the previous settings of 44100 khz and Stereo will produce roughly a 48k ogg stream.  Now click on the Server tab.
All of the fields in this screen should be set pretty much as seen here.  Reconnect Secs can be set to any time value in seconds but is only valid if Reconnect is checked.  The password you enter here also needs to be entered in Streamer so remember what you put there.  If you want your broadcast to originate from your soundcard's recording mixer, check the Record from Windows Recording Device checkbox. The rest of the settings can be ignored. Click OK.  You are done with Oddcast configuration.
Now in Streamer, go to this screen by clicking on the little '->' button in the upper right corner of Streamer. This will expand out the status panel.  From there you can click the Bcast button and the left side will show what you see here.  Click the New ID button once. Then click into the Station Name field and type a station name.  Then click Apply.  Click into the Password field and type the same password that you did above in the Oddcast DSP server config screen, then click the small OK button next to it.
Start Winamp playing something, and click the Connect button on the Oddcast DSP. It should connect to Streamer, which will display broadcastingin the status panel along with your stations name, and Streamer will switch to the Flows screen if a connection was successful. There are a few things that can go wrong at this point, Click HELP on the left side of this page for ways to get further assistance if you are having trouble and still not able to get it working properly.

Otherwise, you are now ON THE AIR!! :-)

If you want to provide a link to download Streamer for your listeners, click the Save URL button.  THis will save a tuning link and a link to download a custom Streamer installation that will automatically tune to your station after the listener install it.  This auto tune installation link will place a small 'Get Streamer' button on your site.

For those wishing to broadcast with the new NSV support, there is a section for idea swapping and setup help in the Forum.  Click the link to the left and join up!
Here is a couple of screenshots of another popular DSP, the Nullsoft Shoutcast DSP provided for your viewing should you just want to set up an mp3 encoded stream.

If you use Shoutcast DSP you will see this dialogue when you select it in Winamp. It's similar to Oddcast described above but will only encode an mp3 stream. You can set up several different bitrate streams using this DSP. Each one connects to an individual Streamer on a seperate port.  See the description of Ports in Streamer on the Advanced Config page for more information on setting up multiple copies of Streamer.

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