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Spheres of Chaos


p2p radio
Current version 2.0 (26 Sep 12)
Status:  netstatus 4 stations, 3 listeners 
Streamer 3.02 beta  The new beta, player only.
Server 1:  InstallStreamer3Beta.exe

Streamer 3.02 Broadcaster beta  Broadcaster and player.
Server 1:  InstallStreamerBroadcaster3Beta.exe

Streamer 3.02 Android beta  Android player.
Server 1:  Streamerp2p.apk
To install this on your phone:
Go to settings > security, set the checkbox 'unknown sources' to allow installation from not-google.
Download this apk. When it has downloaded you should get a notification, install it from there.
Unset the 'unknown sources' checkbox again.

This app constantly uses bandwidth, at about 1k/sec, even when not listening to a stream. It cannot tell if you are on unlimited wifi or not. It also keeps running when in the backgound, so if you are not on wifi it may cost you money.
To completely close it, go to the running apps screen and swipe it away.
An installing apks guide

Streamer 2.20  The new version, player only.
Server 1:  Installstreamer.exe
Server 2:  installstreamer.exe
md5sum: installstreamer.exe.md5 (Checktool MD5summer)

Streamer 2.21 Broadcaster  Broadcasting version, is also the full player.
Server 1:  Installstreamerbroadcaster.exe
Server 2:  installstreamerbroadcaster.exe
md5sum: installstreamerbroadcaster.exe.md5 (Checktool MD5summer)

Streamer 1.47  The old version, player and broadcaster.
Server 1:  Installstreamer147.exe
Server 2:  installstreamer147.exe
md5sum: installstreamer147.exe.md5 (Checktool MD5summer)

Streamer 1.47 Broadcaster  The old version, with built-in ogg vorbis encoder, capable of broadcasting from line-in/soundcard mix.
Server 1:  streamerw.exe
This is not an installer, just a replacement exe, copy it to the folder streamer 1.47 is already installed in.

Streamer 2.20 sample metadata  Zip containing example data for the logo/banner/skin/website for a broadcast.
Server 1:  streamer2_example_metadata.zip

Streamer 2.20 default skin  Rar containing the files used for the default skin.
Server 1:  defaultskin.rar

Independent Networks Pack
This contains the instructions and files needed for setting up your own independent Streamerp2p network. This requires running of your own 'tracker', and may be either fully open for all listeners, or require a user/pass login. All broadcasts require the tracker's permission. Independent networks do not connect to the open Streamerp2p network or to the stations list here at all. The tracker handles the login system and can be used to build subscription networks/streams.
The key inside is a sample and will make your network overlap with others using the same key. You will need me to make you a new key for a properly exclusive network

More broadcast tools
The late Whooshh's List Archived (some links may be outdated)

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