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Current version 2.0 (26 Sep 12)
Status:  netstatus 4 stations, 2 listeners 


If your station list is slow to load or you get no stations at all, first try to uninstall and reinstall Streamer.  You will generally find the Streamer folder under c:\program files\Streamer.  Use Add / Remove programs and remove the program, then go to the above and make sure that it's all gone.  Then reinstall.  If you are using the click to listen ActiveX from the website and you are having this problem, you will find a folder called Streamer in your temp folder on your system.  Just delete it and then come back to the website and click on the station of your choice.  You can also try and get a new seeds.txt file from the main page here and place it in your Streamer folder.  If none of those work for you, then you should see the section below pertaining to No Stations in List.

You can get extra help in the Streamerp2p forum. This site offers a wealth of information and history of Streamer from the Streamer community and staff.  You can search the forum for information pertaining to your particular question.  In a good number of cases, you will find a solution to your question quickly.  Use caution however on solutions that are very old.  They might only be applicable to an older version of Streamer. ;-)

If you don't find your answers in the forum, you can often get live help from fellow Streamer users (and sometimes staff) in the public chat channels in Streamer itself.  Just click the Chat 1 button and if you have never been here before, enter a nickname in the Nick box and press OK.  Double click on the Technical Help chat channel and ask your question.  Someone should respond to you within a few minutes.

You can also get live help on the IRC channel #streamerp2p located at irc.freenode.net. If you do not have an IRC client installed, you may use this irc java client instead.

If you have a firewall you may need to open port 8466 for UDP, and either allow Streamer to be a server (best), or check the need proxy/firewalled box on Streamer's config display (not best).  Most of the time if this checkbox is needed, it will be checked for you automatically.

If you use the free Zonealarm firewall, you just need to allow Streamer to be a server as ZA handles the ports automatically. Zonealarm does however seem to limit the number of 'alive' hosts you can see, which could make some stations unavailable.

If you have installed service pack 2 for XP, the first time you run a given copy of Streamer the internal firewall will pop up and ask you whether you want to block, unblock or ask again later.  If Streamer is to function properly, you must select unblock when you see this message.

If you are using a router on a LAN you should not need to do any special configuration as Streamer handles NAT transparently quite well.

A few symptoms and fixes

No stations in list
Click the -> button in the upper right corner. If you users alive is 0, it means Streamer is not managing to talk to any other Streamers. This is almost certainly because a firewall is blocking all UDP access on port 8466. It is less likely to be because of NAT, because even if that is blocking incoming connections, outgoing ones still work. If you have a firewall, open port 8466 for UDP traffic.

If you see no internet connection at the top of the status panel, it means that you most likely have lost your connection to the internet.

Some stations in list, but none 'online'
Streamer has successfully connected to other Streamers on the p2p network recently, but this time it cannot. See above.

Stuck 'seeking source' when tuning a station.
If the station is in the top Online: part of the stations list, then your Streamer has recently talked to another that definitely saw the stream. If the station has 0 listeners, only the broadcaster has the signal, and it is refusing to allow connections. You can't fix this fault, the station is 'broken'.

The following symptoms generally only apply to the use of an external player

'Receiving signal', Winamp starts, but doesn't play anything
Possible causes:

1 No data is actually being broadcast. This can happen when the station is broadcasting mp3's playing in Winamp, and it runs out of mp3's to play. The station is broken, and it's bitrate will gradually decrease in the stations list. It should actually get dumped offline but sometimes this doesn't happen.

2 The station is actually broadcasting silence! Hey, it DOES happen. :-)

'Receiving signal', but Winamp doesn't start
Click the '>' button to make Streamer try again. Make Winamp your default player. Or run Winamp yourself, and drag-and-drop the 'sound.pls' file from within the Streamer folder into Winamp.

Ogg won't play
Winamp has been installed without OGG Vorbis support.  You may have installed the Lite version of Winamp.  Go get the full version and try again or use the internal player.

I can't hear anything
Check the volume slider control at the bottom of Streamer.  It may have been slide all the way to the left. ;-)

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